Does Pickleball Help Your Tennis to Improve? 14 Best Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought about does pickleball help your tennis to improve? Then don’t go anywhere. I have all the answers of playing pickleball does really help you to improve tennis game. Pickleball and tennis both looks like similar but there are some major differences in techniques, time management, equipment structure, etc. But as a beginner player you can develop your skills, foot works for both tennis and pickleball game.

Does pickleball help your tennis to improve: The Answer

This is a quick answer: Well, as I told you before that there are some benefits as well as drawbacks while you develop your tennis skill by playing pickleball. As a beginner or as an intermediate player you can grow up your skills of pickleball as well as tennis ball simultaneously. But in the case of advance level of pickleball you need to change some major set ups like techniques, time management, muscle-memory conflict, etc. We will discuss more details in this article below.


When I was finding the answer of does pickleball help your tennis to improve? I got some major benefits, which you can develop by playing tennis ball.

Reflex and Agility

Pickleball is a fast pace game. The court size is also small than the pickleball. That is why there is a quick exchange of shots between the players in pickleball. Like pickleball, the tennis ball also requires quick reactions. This is how you improve your reflex and agility which will help you to play tennis better.

Hand-eye Coordination

Both the game tennis and pickleball requires a good hand eye coordination. This hand eye coordination will help you to play quick shots in quick direction and shot adjustment. As a beginner player, this will help you to play tennis more perfectly.


Both pickleball and tennis requires a racket to play. Though there are so many differences like weight, structure, material, etc. between both rackets. But in this case you will learn the basics of racket. You can also learn the spin, placement, ball control, etc. This is how pickleball help your tennis.

Court Awareness

Both of the game is played on the specific courts. Though the court of pickleball is comparatively smaller than the tennis. But the good part is that you will have a basic idea of court. You will also understand the different positioning while playing different shots. More over, the strategy to adjust of playing shots in a smaller court will help you to play tennis.

Fitness and Endurance

Both the game will keep you fit. Engaging in those game will help you to boost your fitness and endurance. Though pickleball is a short type game. But playing matches of pickleball demands higher fitness and endurance.

On the other hand, tennis is comparatively longer duration game. That is why it demands more fitness and stamina than pickleball. So, the extra fitness and endurance will help you in pickleball.

Mental Toughness and Strategy

Both the game pickleball and tennis requires a proper strategy to play. Also there are some mental challenges in the game. By playing pickleball you can improve your mental toughness as well as the different strategy of games.

This will help you to play tennis while in tough mental pressure and also you will be able to make strategy to defeat your opponent.

Stronger Core and Balance

If you start playing pickleball today, after certain time you will be able to develop a stronger core. Beside this you will also get a balance in the game to play shots. This stronger core and perfect body balance will help you further in tennis. Though tennis requires more balance in comparison with pickleball.

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I have already told you the major benefits of does pickleball help your tennis to improve. But there also some disadvantages in this case. As I told you before there are huge differences in both games. In this section of article I will discuss some major drawbacks. Also we will look into how does pickleball help your tennis.

Difference in Techniques

There are several different techniques in tennis game which are not applicable for pickleball. You have to acquire the different techniques of serves, weight transfer, hitting the ball, etc. separately. This techniques are crucial in tennis ball.

Serves and Returns

Tennis requires more emphasize on serves and returns. The major reason of this emphasize is the ball. Pickleball is played by softer ball in comparison with tennis. That is why you have practice serves and returns regularly to improve tennis.

Time Commitment

Pickleball is gaining immense popularity for its short duration. A normal pickleball match basically requires 15- 20 minutes to wrap up. But a tennis match finishes in 25-30 minutes and more. So you have to adjust your time commitment while switching in tennis. The time management is different from pickleball to tennis.

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Injury prevention

If you want a injury less body for you, then you must alter between pickleball and tennis. This alteration between pickleball and tennis will help you to reduce the risk of injuries. Both of the game has different patterns of playing shots. This switching will help you to stay fit physically.

Additional Points

There are some benefits, while you want to switch your game from pickleball to tennis. I thought this will help you a lot on how does pickleball help your tennis to improve.

Variation in Shots

Pickleball has a wide range of shots in bag. These shots encourages a player to involve in the game of pickleball. Shots like dinks, volleys and smashes will help you to be a creative player of tennis.

Quick Decision Making

Pickleball is a very fast pace game. This requires a quick decision to play shots or get in position. By playing pickleball game regularly will help you to boost the ability will help you further to improve your tennis game.

Social and Mental Benefits

Both pickleball and tennis offers a social gathering. Which will provide you a mental peace by interacting the communities. This interaction will help you to reduce the burden of stress from your mind, which will keep you fit mentally.

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Final Thoughts

I hope from the above discussion you have got the answer of how does pickleball help your tennis to improve? More over except few certain factors pickleball is a great way to develop your tennis. You have to develop a lot of things like hand eye coordination, racket skills, court awareness. These will help you further in tennis. Always remember between every game there are few differences and few similarities. All you need to learn the differences separately to improve your game. You have to learn different techniques, serves, time management in tennis.


1. How does pickleball help you tennis to improve?

Ans: By playing pickleball you can slightly improve your tennis. But you have to learn certain things separately, which will help you further.

2. Why do people like pickleball more than tennis?

Ans: People likes to play pickleball for its affordability. On the other hand, it also popular for its fast pace nature and unique experience.

3. Does pickleball have more injuries than tennis?

Ans: Yes, you should expect more injuries in tennis.

4. What are the sports is more similar to pickleball?

Ans: Tennis, badminton and ping pong ( table tennis) are similar to pickleball.

5. Is it okay to play pickleball everyday?

Ans: On average you should play pickleball three days a week to stay fit.

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