How to add texture to pickleball paddle?

Since years, the game of pickleball has evolved and that’s also the case with pickleball paddles. In recent years, textures on pickleball paddles caught everyone’s eyes. These textures on pickleball paddles made a huge impact on the game, but the question is “How to add texture to pickleball paddle?” And why is it important?

The textures on pickleball paddles is usually used to make the paddles surface rough. This roughness on the paddles surface impacts the way of striking of ball over the paddle during the game. It makes a huge impact on grip, control and spin of the ball after striking. So, the textures on pickleball paddles gives you a huge advantage in the game.

How to add texture to pickleball paddle?

But how can you add these textures to your Pickleball paddles to take your games to the next level. Here we are going to do it in easy and simple steps. So, you just need to follow our instructions to get your paddles ready with textures. Let’s start.

How to add texture to pickleball paddle?

Adding texture on pickleball paddles makes its surface rough and helps in improving paddle grip and spin of the ball. You can use lead tape to increase the weight of the butt or paddle frame. The additional weight helps in improving hand movements and provides more stability. It also gives a better grip and helps in faster maneuvering.

How to add texture to pickleball paddle?

Here are the easy to follow steps to apply texture on your Pickleball paddles:

1. Prepare the paddle surface for adding textures:

  • Before applying textures on the paddle surface, it is necessary to clean the paddle surface thoroughly so that any dust particles wipe out of the surface. And the texture may be applied perfectly.
  • Now take some fine grit sandpaper and rub it on the paddle surface. It makes the surface rough which is helpful in better adherence of texture over it.
  • After sanding the surface of paddle, again wipe it to remove the residues left there.

2. Applying Texture over Paddles:

  • Now, select the texture of your own choice to apply over paddles. The textures are of different types and designs. If you play professionally, then keep in mind the specifications allowed by USA Pickleball Association.
  • Now, apply the texture evenly over the paddle. It happens many times that air bubbles form in texture during the process which spoils the texture. So, be patience and work calmly.
  • If you want to increase the weight of the paddle or butt then you can use lead tape to do so. The additional weight provide more stability to the paddle and helps in generating more power. The rough texture surface swing the ball when it strikes on the paddle.
  • If you find any bubble over the texture after applying it on the paddle, then smooth it out carefully by using the specific tools.

Now, just practice a while with the paddle and if you find something less or more than adjust it accordingly. You can also apply one more layer of texture if needed.

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What are the paddle specifications you need to keep in mind?

When you are professionally in any Pickleball tournament, then it is compulsory to follow the rules and regulations set up by USAPA (USA Pickleball Association). If you don’t follow the rules, then you will be disqualified from the game. It is done to keep the game fair for everyone.

There are also several rules regarding the texture and weight of the Pickleball paddles that you need to keep in mind while applying textures over your paddles. Here are some important rules:

Materials of Paddles:

You can’t use pickleball that is made of some prohibited material. You can use the pickleball paddles which are made of the allowed materials by USAPA.

In paddles core, the allowed materials by USAPA are wood, polymer, aluminium and Nomex. While for the surface of the paddle, one can use wood, graphite, polycarbonate, etc.

Roughness of paddle surface:

You can definitely apply textures on your paddle surface to increase its roughness to swing the ball when it strikes on the paddle. But there are some standards set for the roughness of the paddle surface that you should keep in mind. Various paddles with fine grit surface are allowed by USAPA.

The maximum allowed limits of roughness by USAPA stands at 30 micrometres on Rz reading and 40 micrometres on Rt reading. If you violate this rule then get ready for the disqualification from the game.

Size and Weight of paddle:

The total sum of the length and width of the Pickleball paddle including edge guard or butt cap must not exceed 24 inches, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Regarding the weight of the Pickleball paddles, there is no such specific restrictions but the general weight varies between 204g to 241g. It’s the best suitable weigh for optimal performance during the game in generating more power and making long and fast rallies.

Reflective Surface:

The paddle surface should not be reflective as it may affects the vision of the opponent during the game. It’s strictly prohibited to use any type of reflective material on paddle surface.

Can you have depiction over paddles?

As such there is no issue if you write something on your paddle, but it should not be offensive for anyone. If you write something good or non offensive words, then it’s good.

Is it legal to make any changes to paddles?

If you make any changes by strictly adhering to the rules and regulations set by USAPA, then it’s fair and legal. If you make any changes on lead tape, grip size, grip wrap, edge guard, etc then there is no issue. Using the synthetic rubber is completely prohibited by USAPA.

You can’t use anything that alters the texture of the Pickleball adversely to increase the trajectories of the ball over striking. But, its fine to get the original texture back by applying texture over it, if your paddles lost the texture it had when you purchased.


I hope you have successfully added texture on your Pickleball paddles by following this guide on “How to add texture to pickleball paddle?”. If you are still stucked somewhere or have any question, then don’t be shy to ask us in the comments below.

As a Pickleball player, I just suggest you to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations by USA Pickleball Association if you play professionally. Otherwise, it could be a curse for your career.

If you find this article helpful and informative then don’t forget to share it with other pickleball lovers so they can also apply textures easily. Have a nice day!

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