Can you serve backhand in pickleball?

Have you ever watched a professional player doing backhand serve in pickleball. Probably no, and here arises the question in your mind: Can you serve backhand in pickleball? What do the rules say about backhand serve? All your queries will be settled here soon.

Let me introduce myself. I also love to play pickleball and I am a hard core pickleball enthusiast. Since years I have been playing this sport, so I have all the answers that you are searching for. With my personal experience in game, I will be delving on every aspect of the backhand serve.

What is a Backhand serve in Pickleball?

To serve a backhand, you have to turn your dominant hand towards the other side to hit the ball with the opposite face of your paddle. Serving backhand is more difficult as compared to serving a forehand. You need a lot of practice and good skills to perform a backhand successfully.

Can you serve Backhand in Pickleball?

The answer is Yes.

It is completely legal and fair in pickleball to serve backhand. But most of the players avoid serving backhand because it is more complex and riskier than the forehand serve. However, the backhand serve is allowed in pickleball, but you to keep in mind some specific rules associated with the backhand serve.

Can you serve backhand in pickleball?

Rules regarding Backhand serve in Pickleball:

To serve a Backhand in pickleball, you need to take care of a lot of rules. You are bounded with these rules when you serve a backhand in game. If you don’t follow these rules while serving a Backhand then your serve will be illegal. So, just stick to these rules while making a Backhand serve:

  • You have to serve underhand and below the waist. When the ball strikes over the paddle of the server, it must be below the waist of the server. If you serve upper hand in any case, then the serve will be given illegal by the match referee.
  • Before serving backhand, you have to bounce the ball once on the ground of the court, otherwise it will be illegal and can’t continue game.
  • You must avoid double fault during the Backhand serve.

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Pros of Backhand Serve in Pickleball:

Backhand serve is not so common in pickleball. It’s rare to see such Backhand serve in Pickleball. But backhand serve is helpful in confusing your opponent and making difficult for your opponent to return the shot back towards you. And as a result, when your opponent couldn’t return the ball in your side of the court, you get a point.

So, like this a backhand serve is helpful in scoring an easy point against your opponent. It is always difficult to understand a Backhand serve by our opponents.

The backhand serve also allows you to cover the more surface on the court which force your opponent to make shot around the edges which could result in a point if it becomes fault.

Can you serve backhand in pickleball?

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Cons of Backhand serve in Pickleball:

Backhand serve is considered complex and riskier in pickleball that’s the only reason most of the professional players avoid playing backhand serve. If you are thinking to play backhand serve, then you need to do a lot of practice. You have to master yourself in backhand serve.

After serving a backhand, if your opponent predicts your shot and hit back with rapid pace at instant then you don’t get enough time to get back the paddle on the ball. Like this, you misses the ball and your opponent scores a point against you.

What is an illegal serve in pickleball?

It’s important to know which serves are illegal in pickleball so that you can’t loose any point in game. If you lose points in serving itself then you can’t expect to win the game. Loosing point due to serving fault leads into lowing your confidence in the game.

  • If you serve overhand in pickleball, then the serve will be illegal. You need to play a stroke underhand with it’s direction towards upside. Overhand stroke can be used during the rallies but can’t be used in rallies.
  • You have to make serving below the waist, otherwise it will be illegal.
  • After the score count, you only have 10 seconds to serve the ball, if you Serve after 10 seconds then the serve is illegal.

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Now you get the answer of the question: Can you serve a backhand in pickleball? And also get in touch with the complexity involved in serving a backhand. I have also introduced you with the pros and cons of serving backhand. So, now it’s your own choice rather to serve Backhand or not in the game.

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