Can you hit a pickleball with your hand?

Pickleball is a game of paddle and ball where you hit the ball with the paddle and continue the game like this. But the question is: Can you hit a pickleball with your hand? Is it legal in game to hit the ball with your hand? What are the rules regarding this. We will discuss every aspect in detail.

Can you hit a pickleball with your hand?

I am also a pickleball enthusiast like you and I am playing Pickleball since years. I have seen many times that the beginners hits the ball with their hands, sometimes intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. But, what does the rules say about it. What are the rules when pickleball hits any part of your body? Let’s start the discussion.

Can you hit a pickleball with your hand?

The answer is No.

You can’t hit the pickleball with your hand in game during the rallies. It will be considered as a fault if you hit the ball intentionally or accidentally during the game. Even if the ball hits any other body parts of the players, then also it’s a fault and a point will be given to your opponent.

As per the rules stated by USA Pickleball Association, if the ball hits your hand (the hand in which you have the paddle) below the wrist while striking it back towards the opponent, then it’s under fair play. It will not be a fault if the ball touches your finger or thumb of the hand in which you have paddle.

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What if the hand hit is unintentional?

No one hits the ball intentionally with hand. In most of the cases, it used to be accidental or unintentional. But, there is no such measures to segregate the intentional or unintentional hits with hand. The rule is same in both the situations. You will be punished by giving a point to your opponent for this fault.

How can you avoid a hit with your hand?

It’s important to avoid any hit with your hand or any body part to avoid unnecessary faults. It’s also important to avoid any unnecessary injury in the game due to hitting of the ball.

The most important thing to keep in mind is of the right grip on the paddle so that the paddle remain in your control completely. Better grip helps in better control of paddle on the ball. You need to handle the paddle tightly in your fist so that it doesn’t wobble when the ball strikes over the face of your paddle.

Can you hit a pickleball with your hand?

The grip and your playing technique should coordinate with each other so that it is convenient for you to play. You can try different grips during practice sessions and then you can fix the technique which is suitable and comfortable for you.

You should focus on practice more and more so that you can improve accuracy of shots in the game.

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Can you wear a protective gear to avoid any injury?

As compared to other similar games, pickleball is less riskier in compliance with the injuries. But still when the ball with high velocity strikes over your hand, it may leave some serious injury. As a sportsman, I always suggest you to avoid injuries.

It is allowed to wear protective gears and other accessories like jackets, sweet bands, etc in pickleball.

You may seen many professional players wearing sunglasses or other eye gears because the pickleball is a rapid game so you won’t get the chance to save yourself from the hit.


Is it legal to hit a pickleball with hand during the game?

No, it’s not allowed to hit a pickleball with your hand during the game. If you hit it with hand, then your opponent will get a point.

In what situation , hitting the pickleball with hand is allowed?

When the pickleball strikes below the wrist area of your hand in which you are holding the paddle, it is legal and fair under the rules.

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Hope you got the answer of your question: Can you hit a pickleball with your hand? And now you will try to avoid any hit by hand or on your body so that you won’t loose any point for this fault. However, the hit on the finger or thumb is not included as a fault.

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