Can You Play Pickleball While Pregnant? 3 Safety Consideration

Pregnancy is a transformational time for women. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, is often emphasized. Pickleball is a popular choice for those seeking physical activity, as the sport is known for its accessibility and low impact. 

The question that arises, however, is: Can you play pickleball while pregnant? This article explores the benefits, risks, safety considerations, and guidelines for pickleball during pregnancy.

Can you play pickleball while pregnant?

It depends on the individual and her or his unique circumstances. 

In general, many pregnant women can safely continue to play pickleball during pregnancy. This is especially true if they were active and played pickleball regularly before becoming pregnant. 

But it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any exercise while pregnant to make sure it’s safe for both mother and baby.

Advantages of pickleball during pregnancy

Playing pickleball while you are pregnant offers a number of potential benefits for expectant mothers:

Low-impact exercise

Pickleball offers a low-impact workout, making it suitable for pregnant women seeking to maintain their fitness levels without placing excessive strain on their bodies.

Social engagement

Playing pickleball provides an opportunity for expectant mothers to socialize and stay in touch with friends and members of their community, which can contribute to their overall sense of well-being during their pregnancy.

Cardiovascular health

Modesty in exercise like pickleball can promote cardiovascular health and circulation, benefiting both mother and developing baby.

Even the professionals play when pregnant

It’s worth mentioning that some professional athletes keep playing sports, including pickleball, while they’re pregnant. This may not be feasible or advisable for everyone. However, it does show that with proper precautions and guidance, physical activity can be safely incorporated into a pregnancy routine.

When should a pregnant woman stop playing pickleball?

Can You Play Pickleball While Pregnant

While many pregnant women are able to safely participate in pickleball during the early stages of pregnancy, there may come a time when it is prudent to reduce or discontinue physical activity. Some of the factors that may have an impact on this decision are

Individual health 

Women who have certain medical conditions or who have complications with their pregnancy may need to refrain from physical activity altogether. To assess individual risk factors, it’s important to consult a healthcare provider.

Comfort and discomfort 

As pregnancy progresses, a woman’s ability to play pickleball comfortably and safely may be affected by changes in balance, joint laxity, and increased weight. Be aware of your body’s cues and make adjustments to your activity as needed.

Risks of playing Pickleball during pregnancy

There are several potential risks to be aware of, although pickleball is generally considered a safe activity for pregnant women:

Risk of falls

The dynamic nature of pickleball involves rapid movements and changes in direction, which increases the risk of slipping, tripping and falling, which can endanger both the mother and the fetus.


Excessive physical activity during pregnancy can lead to fatigue, dehydration, and overheating, which can jeopardize the well-being of both mother and baby.

Safety considerations when playing pickleball during pregnancy

Pregnant women should follow these safety precautions when playing pickleball to minimize risks and ensure a safe experience:

Consult with a healthcare provider 

Before engaging in any physical activity during pregnancy, it’s important to seek the approval of a healthcare provider. A healthcare provider can evaluate your individual health and make personalized recommendations.

Listen to your body 

Pay close attention to how your body feels while you are playing and adjust your level of activity as needed. If you experience any discomfort, dizziness, or other worrisome symptoms, stop playing immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.

Stay hydrated and well-nourished

Proper hydration and nutrition are essential to support the health of both the mother and the baby. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after playing pickleball, and consume foods that are rich in nutrients to help maintain your energy levels.

Exercise duration guidelines during pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. This should be spread out over several days. However, it’s important to listen to your body and adjust your activity level based on your individual comfort and energy level.


Can you play pickleball while pregnant? Playing pickleball while you are pregnant can be a safe and enjoyable way for you to stay active and maintain your fitness level. While there are potential risks to be aware of, especially as the pregnancy progresses, with the proper precautions and guidance, many women can safely continue to play pickleball into the late stages of their pregnancy. 

By making safety a priority, listening to their bodies, and seeking the guidance of their health care providers, expectant mothers can reap the benefits of pickleball while maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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