Can you switch sides in pickleball?

Pickleball is emerging rapidly all over the horizon and thousands of new players are joining pickleball as a beginner level players. And such new comers are unaware about the rules associated with the game. Out of the box of many questions, one question is about changing sides in pickleball. The beginners are excited to know that “Can you switch sides in pickleball?” And we are here here with the best possible answer.

I am also a pickleball enthusiast and I love to enjoy this game oftenly. This game is not new for me as I have been playing from a long period. The same questions arises in my mind also when I just started playing pickleball. But today, I am able to answer your questions with my experience of years in the game.

Can you switch sides in pickleball?

Along with answering the question “Can you switch sides in pickleball?” I will also talk about the rules related to switching sides like when you can switch sides in pickleball and is it mandatory to change sides? Also I will discuss how switching sides is important in game. Let’s start the discussion.

Can you switch sides in pickleball?

The answer is Yes.

You can definitely change your side in pickleball but you can’t change whenever you want to do. You need to be abide by some rules and by following the standard rules, you can change your side in pickleball.

But what rules you have to follow and how would you know that when you have to change side in game. Let’s discuss in detail.

When you can switch sides in pickleball?

There are different rules according to which you can change your side in pickleball game. Switching your side in game depends on several factors. Let’s discuss each in detail.

After each Game:

This is seen most commonly in the game of pickleball. You have watched switching sides in International games after each game in the match. Switching sides in the game is important because it is helpful in fair continuation of the game. There are some factors which impact your game like wind flow, sunlight direction and many more. So, by switching sides both teams play for same time on both sides of the net. And hence fair play prevails.

After every 7 points:

Each game in pickleball runs till one of the team scores 11 points and win the game with a difference of two points. So, you get the chance to switch sides after 11 points according to the above mentioned rule.

But, if you wills to switch side more oftenly in the game, then you can decide it before the game with your opponent and referee and you can change your side after scoring 7 points. It also gives both teams equal opportunity in the game on both sides of the court.

Your game will not be affected due to flow of wind and sunlight with switching sides like this.

After Alternate Serves:

If the team who have started the serving scores a point in the game, then they can switch their side. And this switching of sides around the net keeps going on continuously whenever the serving team scores a point in the game.

Which rule should you follow to switch sides on the court?

As we have discussed different rules to switch sides on the pickleball court while playing. But if you are now in confusion that how would you know that which rule you have to follow in the game. Then the answer is, you need to discuss about it with your opponent player before the game starts.

Can you switch sides in pickleball?

And with sportsmanship, you have to make a common decision with your opponent that how you both are comfortable to switch sides.

I will recommend you to switch sides after each game because it saves your time as well as keeps you away from any argument about points in the game.

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Pros of Switching sides in pickleball:

Here are some advantages of switching sides in the game:

  • There are some external environmental factors like wind and sunlight direction that affects the game specially when you are playing on an outdoor court. So, if you are facing problem due to wind flow or direct sunlight, then when you change court side after each game, it ensures the fairness in game by providing equal environment opportunity to both the players.
  • Some players adapt themselves more on their fixed dominant sides, and if both players have same side as their dominant side then it ensures fairness in game.

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Cons of Switching sides:

After knowing the advantages of switching sides in the game, if you are thinking that is there any disadvantage also which you may face by switching sides frequently. Then the answer is yes. Switching sides on a pickleball court leads in breaking your flow in the game.

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Can you switch sides in pickleball? The answer is an obvious Yes. And as we have discussed a lot on different rules associated with switching sides in pickleball, I hope you got it now. And in your next game, you will know better that when you need to change your side.

If you are still in confusion somewhere in above discussion, let me know about it in the comments below. I will try to clear it at instance. And if you find any of your beginner friends in confusion about switching sides in game, then refer this article with him. Have a nice day!

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