How Much Do Pickleball Referees make?6 Top Secrets

Do you know how much do pickleball referees make? Then I must say you that pickleball referee is a paid job. According to the USAPA there are different levels of pickleball referees on to their skill, experience, etc. The referees are being paid according to their levels of pickleball. Normally a pickleball referee earns $15 to $30 per hour from a pickleball match. More over, In some cases they also get allowances, meals, etc.

Pickleball Referee Levels

Before we discuss on how much do pickleball referees make, we have to know about the different levels of referees. According to USAPA there are four categories of pickleball referees according to their experiences. They are-

  • New Comer Level
  • Level 1 Referee
  • level 2 Referee
  • Certified Referee

New Comer Level

At this level you are just a pickleball player. It is not just an easy journey from player to referee. You have to do some basic steps to be a pickleball referee.

  • At first you have to join the USAPA right now.
  • You have to learn all the rules and regulations properly.
  • You have to aware about the USAPA official rulebook.
  • More over you must have a desire to learn.
  • And finally, you have to register yourself for the referee training programs organized by USAPA.
how much do pickleball referees make

Level 1 Referee

Now you have gripped the fundamentals of pickleball referee. You are ready to upgrade yourself for the next levels. The requirement of this level 1 referee is –

  • You need a good understanding of pickleball rulebook and handbooks.
  • You can now fill the scoresheets and other materials like calling lines.
  • You are now capable of referring unofficial pickleball matches.

Level 2 Referee

After completing the level 1 requirements. You have to prepare yourself for level 2. All you need to do this-

  • You have a proficient knowledge of the official rulebook.
  • You are also capable of applying the various rules during different situations on the court.
  • You can also handle the on court situation without any help.

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Certified Referee

This is the final and highest level of pickleball referee. You need to match up the following requirements.

  • All you need to go through the different levels to became a certified referee.
  • You have to pass the interview, need for an advance training, score good in line judge test, etc.
  • After a successful evaluation, you are ready to conduct any official match as a certified pickleball referee.

How Much Do Pickleball Referees Make? The Answer

This is a quick answer: Earning of a pickleball referee is totally depends on the experience of the referee, type of the match, etc. The certified referees earn between $15 to $30 per hour. Some pickleball match also provides match fees for big tournaments. The line judge is also earn $10- $15 per hour. Except earning from the match referees also get allowances, meals, etc.

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Earning of Pickleball Referees

As I told you before about how much do pickleball referees make? In this section of article we will have a detailed discussion about the different factors related to earning of a pickleball referee.

1. Level of Certification

Earning of pickleball referees is directly proportional to the level of certification. You cannot be a certified referee without any certificate from USAPA. Basically a Level 1 referee earns around $10- $20 per hour. While in the case of Level 2 and certified referee earns between $20 – $30 to $30 – $50 per hour respectively. Moreover you can charge more accordingly to your experience and the level of tournaments.

2. Type of Event

You can earn as a pickleball referee in the case of type of event. That means in official tournaments you will get a higher amount of fees in comparison with the small, local or regional tournaments.

3. Location

Location can be an important factor in the earning of a pickleball referee. If the tournament is located in a small town, or in rural areas, you will get a lower amount in comparison with the big city or famous location. This is also an important factor on How much do pickleball referees make?

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4. Experience

You can also earn according to your experience as a pickleball referee. According to the USAPA, in the official tournaments of pickleball an experienced pickleball referee can earn between $15- $40 per hour.

5. Additional Perks

In the official tournaments of pickleball or in any recreational matches referees will get few additional perks like travelling allowances, food allowances, etc. This additional perks, food allowances adds an extra value to the earning of a pickleball referee.

6. Demand for Referees

There is always a demand for certified referee in a competition match. In such situations you can ask for higher rates as a referee.

How Do You Become a Referee For USAPA

In searching the answer of How much do pickleball referees make? I found that you must know how do you become a referee for USAPA. To become a USAPA referee you need to complete the following steps-

  • You have to read the reference material completely which is available in the official USAPA website.
  • You have to go through a training arranged by the officials.
  • You can also meet the registered trainers to know about the training process.
  • After all the steps you are now ready to get a certificate from the USAPA as a certified referee of pickleball.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, I hope you got the answer of how much do pickleball referees make? As I already told the factors which depends on the earning of a pickleball referee. Overall, referring pickleball does not make you rich, but you can do it as a side hustle. On average a pickleball referee earns about $15 – $30 per hour for a standard match. This may increase for big tournaments or UAPA official tournaments.


1. How many referees are there in pickleball?

Ans: If you have 6 courts then you need at least 6 referees. That means one referee in a single court.

2. How much do pickleball referees make money?

Ans: On average a pickleball referee earns between $15 – $30 per hour.

3. Is there money in pickleball ?

Ans: If you are a experienced player, then you can earn from match fees, prize money and from sponsorship up to $1 million a year.

4. How many levels does pickleball referee have?

Ans: There are basically four levels in pickleball referee. They are- New Comer Level, Level 1 Referee, Level 2 Referee, and Certified Referee.

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