Does Pickleball Hurt Your Tennis Game?

Pickleball and tennis are two similar sports, but they have several differences. And does pickleball hurt your tennis game?

This article will answer that question and provide a complete explanation of pickleball and tennis, starting with the similarities, differences and common skills

Similarities Between Pickleball and Tennis

As the same sport as softball, pickleball and tennis game have some similarity in some aspect of the game, that is:

Racquet Sports

Permainan pickleball dan tennis memiliki kesamaan, yaitu sama-sama merupakan olahraga raket. Saat bermain, baik itu pemain pickleball bermain pickleball, ataupun pemain tenis bermain tenis, keduanya sama-sama menggunakan sepatu tennis.

Singles and Doubles Formats

Dalam permainan pickleball terdapat 2 jenis format permainan, yaitu satu lawan satu yang biasa disebut dengan permainan tunggal, atau dua lawan dua yang biasa disebut juga denga jenis permainan ganda. Sama seperti pickleball, dalam permainan tenis juga terdapat 2 jenis format permainan, yaitu permainan tunggal dan permainan ganda.

Net Play

Baik olahraga pickleball maupun tennis, keduanya sama-sama menggunakan net untuk pemisah daerah antar pemain dan lawannya. Dan kedua olahraga pickleball dan tenis sama-sama memiliki net yang diletakan ditengah lapangan.

Physical Fitness

Persamaan lainnya dari olahraga tennis dan pickleball, yaitu sama-sama menggerakan badan sehingga sangat baik untuk meningkatkan daya kelincahan serta kesehatan fisik.

Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis

Although the pickleball and tennis game have similarities and if you look at it at a glance both of the games are the same, pickleball and tennis have various differences, like the court size, the equipment that they use, ball type, scoring system, and the rules of play. The complete information are below:

Court Size

Pickleball has a court size 20 feet by 44 feet for doubles and20 feet by 22 feet for singles. Pickleball is a game that has a small typical court.

Whereas, tennis game is have a larger court that picklebal court. Tennis game has a dimension of 27 feet by 78 feet for singles and 27 feet by 78 feet for doubles.

Paddle vs Racquest

Apart from the difference of the court size, pickleball and tennis also have differences about the equipment that they used for playing the game. Pickleball uses a paddle to kick the ball, and tennis uses a racquet to kick the ball in the game. 

Ball Type

Pickleball uses a typical ball that are plastic holes, similar to a wiffle ball. The balls in pickleball games are designed to travel friendly at a slower pace than the tennis balls.

Scoring System

Perbedaan lainnya dari permainan pickleball dan tenis terdapat pada sistem scorenya. Permainan pickleball memiliki sistem penilaian reli , yaitu dimana score dapat dicetak oleh pemain dengan melakukan servis atau tim penerima yang mencapai 11 poin, sedangkan penilaian score pada sistem tennis menggunakan penilaian tradisonal dengan nilai 15, 30, dan 40 poin dalam satu set permainan.

Rules of Play

Meskipun permainan pickleball dan tennis sekilas terlihat mirip, akan tetappi keduanya sangat berbeda dalam hal aturan permainan. Dalam permainan pickleball, servis harus dilakukan dengan underhand dan dilakukan secara diagonal ke sisi lapangan yang berlawanan. Sedangkan dalam permainan tennis servis dilakukan dari belakang garis dasar dengan aturan kotak servis tertentu.

Tennis and Pickleball Common Skills

Does pickleball hurt your tennis game

Terdapat common skills dalam permainan tennis dan pickleball, karena  sama sama merupakan olahraga yang menggunakan raket untuk memukul bola melewati jarang. Beberapa diantaranya adalah:

Hand-Eye Coordination

Both tennis and pickleball require good hand-eye coordination. This skill is useful for players to be able to track the ball accurately and to make contact with the ball using a racquet or a paddle.

Quick Footwork

In addition to hand-eye coordination, pickleball and tennis players must also have skilled footwork. Footwork is very important in the game of tennis and pickleball in order to effectively cover the court, have the dexterity to get into position to reach the ball, and execute shots.

Serve Technique

Pickleball and tennis have similar technical service skills. Even though they have different serving mechanisms, the basic skills of serving are very important for players of both sports to start a point and gain an advantage.

Strategy and Tactics

Whether a tennis player or a pickleball player, both must have the ability to develop strategic thinking while playing the game. This includes the ability to organize and know when to play offense, when to play defense, and how to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.

Court Positioning

A similar skill used in other Pickleball and Tennis games is that of positioning on the court. Pickleball players and tennis players must be able to understand the dimensions of the court, anticipate the shots of their opponents, and place themselves in strategic positions in order to play effectively.

Shot Control

Both pickleball and tennis require the same ability to control the spin of the ball. Whether it is topspin, backspin, or sidespin. It is very important for players to be able to have control over the trajectory and bounce of the ball.


Another skill that is similar between pickleball and tennis is the ground stroke. Groundstroke is the ability to hit the ball after the ball has bounced on the court. Tennis and pickleball players need to be able to master both the forehand and the backhand strokes in order to create an effective game from the baseline.

What do Tennis Pros Think of Pickleball?

There are many differences in how pickleball players and tennis pros view the game. Some experienced tennis players consider pickleball to be a complementary sport that they use to improve their tennis game. 

There are also several other opinions that have a negative perception of the game of pickleball. These negative views stem from differences in perspective in perceptions of skill, speed, physicality, cultural bias, and misunderstanding.

However, many experienced tennis players also enjoy playing pickleball as a recreational activity and a way to diversify their skills.

Does Pickleball Hurt Your Tennis Game?

No, playing pickleball is not harmful to your tennis game.

Getting involved in a game of pickleball is a very common activity and will not be detrimental to your tennis game. In fact, many players find that the skills they use to play pickleball are complementary to the skills they use to play tennis.

However, playing Pickleball can have both a positive and negative effect on how you play tennis. It really depends on how you approach and manage the time you spend practicing pickleball and playing tennis.

There are several things that are important for you to consider when playing pickleball and tennis, including being able to adjust to different racquet or pickleball grip sizes, adjusting your movement patterns to the size of the court, and adjusting to differences in presentation.

Will Playing Pickleball Make You a Better Tennis Player?

Does pickleball hurt your tennis game

Of course you can!

Playing pickleball can contribute to several aspects of the game of tennis. These aspects can help you improve your tennis game. Hand-eye coordination, balance, and endurance can all be improved through pickleball.

Playing pickleball can also help improve a player’s concentration, reflexes, and transitions, all of which can be very useful for tennis players.

The game of pickleball has the potential to allow a tennis player to improve his or her game skills and also provide a complementary experience.

Do Tennis Players Have an Advantage in Pickleball?

Yes, it is,

Tennis players are going to have an advantage when they are trying to get into the game of pickleball. This is because the game of tennis has a similar set of skills that can be used in the game of pickleball.

Tennis players usually have basic skills that are useful in playing pickleball. These skills include game strategy, hand-eye coordination, and footwork.

Although there are some differences between tennis and pickleball, such as strokes, court size, and some other technical aspects. Pickleball is still widely chosen as a complementary game for tennis players.

Playing tennis can enhance the game of pickleball by developing transferable skills and providing a fun and complementary experience.


Does pickleball hurt your tennis game? No, playing pickleball will not hurt your tennis game. In fact, playing pickleball will help and complement your tennis game.

Pickleball and tennis are two similar sports and share common skills. Playing these two games can give you a different feel, although you don’t have to put a lot of effort into learning pickleball or tennis, which have a lot in common.

In fact, tennis players may have an advantage when trying to play pickleball because they already have skills that will be very useful in the game of pickleball.

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