How to build a pickleball practice wall? 10 easy steps

Are you worried about how to build a pickleball practice wall? Then you are in the right page. As you understand that it is a wall which you can use for practice pickleball. Basically, this wall is for the beginners where they can practice their shots, understand the game etc.

What is a pickleball wall?

A pickleball wall is a wall like structure which is often made up of solid structures like ply. Basically, the wall is use for practice different shots for beginners. This wall will help a player to improve his game.

How to build a pickleball practice wall?

Building a pickleball practice wall is not so difficult. From the following points you will be able to understand how to build a pickleball practice wall. All you need that you just follow few simple steps. Through this section of article, we will understand the process.

1. Select a suitable location

  • First of all you need a open space like garden, terrace, Godown, garage etc.
  • Make sure there is enough space to play various shots withour any obstruction.

2. Materials

  • You need different materials like plywood, wooden posts, screws etc.
  • Purchase all the items from the market before you start building the pickleball practice wall.
  • One more thing is that all the items must be water resistant. Because you are building the wall in a open space.

3. Frame construction

  • Another important steps is to construct the frame for the wall.
  • You can construct the frame for according to you, but an ideal frame size of a pickleball practice wall is around 8*16 sq. feet.
  • Make sure the frame must be strongly attached with the ground.

4. Plywood attach

  • The very next step is to attach the plywood according to your size of the frame.
  • I reccomend you to use plywood which is strong, smooth and durable.
  • While attaching the plywood just keep in mind that the plywood must be attached to the frame tightly.

5. Painting the plywood

  • Use smooth, visible, and long-lasting paint on the plywood.
  • There are two major benefits of painting the plywood, one is that the paint makes the wall visible and the another is that it protects the plywood from rain, sunlight, dust, and insects, etc.

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6. Target-area marking

  • You need to mark the targets according to your practice.
  • Though this is a optional, but this will improve your shots while practicing.
  • Make sure the targeted area must be painted by different color which you are using in ply. The color must be visible with the target areas.

7. Testing

  • According to my suggestion before you do anything, just play few shots of pickleball.
  • From the testing phase you will clearly understand that whether there is any fault or not.
  • If there is any fault, then take action immediately.
how to build a pickleball practice wall

8. Regular maintenance

  • You need to check and tight the screws of the ply regularly.
  • Do paints at a regular intervals.
  • Check the frames of the pickleball practice wall regularly.

Few additional steps

9. Secure the wall

  • You need to attach the pickleball wall securely to the ground. Make sure the wall is not moving.
  • This will cause accidents during practice.

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10. Net installation

  • Well, installing net is not mandatory but it will surely create impact on your game. Practicing with net and wall will help you to play different shots nicely.
  • It will give you the feeling of playing with opponents.

Benefits of pickleball practice wall

No doubt pickleball practice wall is cost effective, but it has some major benefits like,

  • You can play and practice different kinds of shots without any opponent.
  • This is easy and low effort way to learn and practice pickleball game.

Drawbacks of pickleball practice wall

  • One of the major drawbacks of pickleball practice wall is you can practice only few shots. This will not made you an expert player of pickleball.
  • This will also not prepare you for the from the opponents end.


I hope you have understood that how to build a pickleball practice wall. These are the overall steps to make a practice wall of pickleball. Maybe you need to change some of the steps according to your local weather, location, playing conditions etc. But the basic aspect is to prioritize on the safety of the wall.

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