how long does a pickleball match last? 8 effective reasons

Are you curious to know how long does a pickleball match last. Then I must say it is a short game that means it is usually takes 45-60 minutes to complete a full match of pickleball. Pickleball is widely popular for its fast-paced nature.

How long does a pickleball match last is totally dependent on multiple factors. Some formats take more time than usual pickleball match. So, in this article we will bisect the various factors which causes the pickleball match to last.

Factors affecting pickleball matches:

Multiple factors effects on delaying or fasting the pickleball matches. They are-

1. Game format

Well, pickleball match totally depends on the game format which you are playing. Each of the format has different requirements of time. On an average a single pickleball match takes 25-30 minutes to complete. While on the other hand double pickleball match take slightly more time to complete.

2. Skill level

Definitely skill level plays a vital role in any game. But the game duration is also depending on the skill level of the player. Skilles players usually takes more time than less skilled players to finish the game. Because theirs shorts selection, accuracy of shots, footsteps, serves, volleys take more time to make a goal.

3. Intensity of the player

Well, players with more intensity will play shots with more accuracy. As a result, the game goes deeper, and it takes more time to finish the game. More intense rallies will make the match competitive. As a result, the game may take more time to finish than its usual time.

4. Serving speed of the players

Another factor which causes to take more time than its usual is the serving speed of the players. If the players serve at high speed, then it takes more time than its usual time. Usually, skilled players like to play shots with high serving speed, this takes longer to finish the game.

5. Game stoppage

A pickleball match usually plays on the basis of the best of three games. Every game has 11 points and a team of one or two has to be win by minimum 2 points. Players usually takes a short break between the games, and this causes delay in games. But you must remember that this is the part of the game.

how long does a pickleball match last

6. No of games

If you play more game, it will take more time to finish the match. Pickleball is a very interesting game to play. That is why players like to play more game than its actual no of games. This may cause delay to finish the pickleball match.

7. Switching side

As i told you before in a pickleball match there are 3 pickleball games played. In between every game the players has to switch their side and plays from their opponent’s side. This causes a pickleball match to delay.

8. Court size

Court size also matters in taking time in a pickleball match. If you are playing in a comparatively small court, as usual it takes lesser time to finish the game. Because the players have to cover less ground.

On the other hand, in the case of large ground player has to cover comparatively large area to play pickleball shots. This causes delay in game. As the dimension of the pickleball court increases, it takes more time to travel the ball on the court.

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Longest ever pickleball match played

  • Justin Lawrence and Jeffrey Baker played a pickleball match for 24 hours continuously in the year 2011.


I hope from the above passage you have understand that how long does a pickleball match last. Players with aggression and skill will takes approximately takes one hour to finish a single match of pickleball. Moreover, in pickleball tournaments there are several rounds of games, and it takes more time to finish the game.


1. How many games are in a pickleball match?

Ans: As per the USA pickleball rules, in a pickleball matches players have to play at least three games. From three games they can choose best two games to win the match.

2. How long does a pickleball match last?

Ans: A single pickleball match last for 45-60 minutes.

3. How long does a pickleball game last?

Ans: A typical pickleball game lasts usually 15-25 minutes to finish off.

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