How To Get Ranked In Pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that has become quite popular in recent years.  It is a sport that can be enjoyed casually as a hobby or in a serious way as a professional athlete.

Of course, in order to become a professional pickleball player, you need to know the value of the skills that you have. But how to get ranked in pickleball? That question will be answered in this article!

So, let’s take a look!

How Do Pickleball Rankings Work?

Pickleball Ranked is a rating system that categorizes your skill level. These levels will help you find the competition that best suits your skills. This will help tournament organizers to judge the tournament fairly, objectively, and effectively.

The system or operation of ranked pickleball has principles upon which it is based. Some common principles that apply are tournament performance, opponent strength, consistency, time decay, tournament level, national and international rankings, and organizational differences.

The ranked pickleball system itself is dynamic and may change or improve over time.

How to Get Ranked In Pickleball?

There are 2 ways to get pickleball ranked, which are joining tournaments and applying for self-assessment.

Joining a pickleball association, such as the USA pickleball association (USAPA) is one of the first steps that can lead you to get ranked in pickleball. To get ranked in pickleball, of course, you must first understand what the ranking system of the pickleball game is, and what applies in the official pickleball association that you join.

In the official US pickleball ranking system, you can submit a self-assessment to test your skills in playing pickleball by filling out the USA pickleball questionnaire. Or if you want something more challenging, you can enter tournaments to get pickleball ranked.

Aside from measuring your rank in 2 ways from the official US association, you can also take quizzes or join DUPR matches organized by local clubs.

How to Rate Yourself in Pickleball?

How To Get Ranked In Pickleball?

Rating yourself in pickleball is one of the steps you can take. However, such assessments are often subjective and biased. You must have the ability to be realistic and objective when evaluating yourself.

 To evaluate yourself, there are several steps you should take, including

1. Understand your skill level

2. Evaluate basic skills

3. Analyze your position in the game

4. Evaluate your serving skills

5. Evaluate your understanding of strategy and shot selection

6. Compare yourself to other players

7. Play with different opponents

8. Seek feedback

Guideline Pickeball Skill Level

In Ranked Pickleball, there is a guideline for skill level that serves as an important metric to categorize players based on their skill and experience level. These qualifications or levels are 2.5 skills level, 3.0 skills level, 3.5 skills level, 4.0 skills level, and 4.5+ skills level.

The following is a more complete explanation of the skill levels used in the rankings of the pickleball games:

2.5 Skill Level

Skill level 2.5 is the skill level for pickleball players who are in the beginning stages of pickleball or are just getting started. Typically, players at this level are still learning the early phases of the game with material that is limited to the basic rules of the game and good strokes.

This is the level for players to develop basic skills, such as hitting the ball consistently over the net and mastering basic aspects that include court movement.

At level 2.5, you will usually only be able to enter or play in tournaments and casual/beginner pickleball games.

3.0 Skill Level

At level 3.0, a pickleball player has a much higher skill level than at level 2.5 or at the beginner level. This level is for players who are ready to play pickleball on a more regular and organized basis. Pickleball players at this level have improved their understanding of the rules and strokes of the game.

If you are at this level, it will be important for you to be consistent in following the learning process, practicing regularly, and even joining the community. This is so that you can continue to experience significant skill improvement and succeed in becoming a pickleball pro.

3.5 Skill Level

The 3.5 skill level in pickleball is the point at which you have moved beyond the beginner and intermediate levels. At this level, pickleball players are usually advanced enough to be able to participate in tournaments or leagues at the local level.

If you have a solid understanding of both basic and intermediate pickleball strategies, this means you are at level 3.5.

Players at this level are able to actively seek out challenges by participating in pickleball games where they have opponents of varying skill levels.

4.0 Skill Level

In pickleball, a skill level of 4.0 means that you are a fairly advanced player and have a high level of expertise in the game. At this skill level, players usually have a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the game of pickleball, from strategy to execution.

Players with a skill level of 4.0 are usually active in participating in matches or tournaments that allow them to compete against opponents of varying skill levels. This is done in order to test and improve their skills in playing pickleball.

4.5+ Skill Level

The 4.5+ skill level in the game of pickleball is a level for pickleball players who are advanced and have reached a stage of mastery and competitiveness in the game of pickleball. This level is often considered to be the top level in the game of pickleball before reaching the professional level.

At this level, players are generally very active and competitive in participating in pickleball tournaments, leagues and events. Players at this level have moved beyond basic skills and can demonstrate advanced court coverage, positioning, game adaptation, and game scenario planning.

Just as at the 3.5 and 4.0 levels, players at the 4.5+ level typically enjoy seeking out challenges to deepen their experience and refine their playing skills.


To answer your question “How do you get ranked in pickleball?”, in simple terms, the answer to this question is to take an independent test or play in a tournament.

In addition to these two methods, you can also take a self-assessment to evaluate your pickleball skills. In ranked pickleball, there are several levels, namely 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, up to level 4.5+.

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