Easy Explanation: What is a pickleball made of?

Do you know what is a pickleball made of? Don’t worry I will give you the answer. Pickleball is basically made of plastic materials. There are different types of plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon etc. Though pickleball can be made of various colors but the general color of pickleball is yellow. There is a lot of features of a typical pickleball like hollow design, no of holes, size and weight, color options, durability, bounce characteristics etc. From the discussion below you will get an overview of what is a pickleball made of?

Structure of a pickleball

Pickleball can be divided into three main parts like core, shell, and holes.


Core is the inner part of a pickleball which lies in the center of a pickleball. The plastic material by which the pickleball is made of, is concentrated in the central part. Which also causes the weight of the pickleball.


Shell is the part around the core of a pickleball. This is comparatively less dense area than the core part.


We all know that there are several holes around the pickleball. The holes are the outer most part of a pickleball. During play holes carries air and that causes the fast pace of the pickleball game.

What is a pickleball made of?

Pickleball is basically made of durable high grade plastic materials, which also causes the bounce. Moreover, pickleball is basically made of main three types of plastic materials like- polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. While finding the answer of what is a pickleball made of, we got-


Polypropylene is a lightweight, durable, impact resistant plastic material. Pickleball made of polypropylene offers a good amount of spin and bounce. This is basically uses in outdoor pickleball game.


Polyethylene is also like the polypropylene, but it is comparatively less weighted, less bounced ball. That is why durability of this kind of ball is much lower than polypropylene. You can play both indoor and outdoor pickleball games by this type of ball.


Nylon is also like the same of the polypropylene and polyethylene. But it is slightly heavier and durability of this kind of balls are lesser than the typical pickleball.

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Features of a pickleball

Well, a typical pickleball has different features on the basis of different conditions. In this section, we will discuss the features of a typical pickleball-

what is a pickleball made of

1. Plastic Composition

As we told before the compositions of a pickleball. Some of the plastic material lasts more than others. The bounce, pace, shots, indoor game, outdoor game, etc. is totally depends on the composition of the pickleball.

2. Hollow Design

We discussed before on the structure of a pickleball. You know that pickleball has a hollow part which causes the ball lighter. This property provides a high pace game of pickleball.

3. No of Holes

As we know there are several holes on the surface of the pickleball. The holes depend on which type of the pickleball is. In indoor pickleball there are around 26 holes while in outdoor pickleball there are around 40 holes present on the surface of the ball. The holes are responsible for the friction of air which causes the unique experience of playing pickleball.

4. Size and weight

According to the USA Pickleball Association, the diameter of the pickleball is to be 2.8 inches (73 mm). The weight varies between 0.7 ounces to 0.9 ounces. Outdoor pickleball is comparatively heavier than the indoor pickleball.

5. Color Options

Pickleball is generally yellow in color. In indoor pickleball game yellow pickleball is generally use. But in outdoor pickleball game you can use yellow, green, orange, etc. Basically, a light color makes you visible the pickleball and allows you to play perfect shot.

6. Durability

As i told you before about the plastic materials by which pickleball is made up. Polypropylene is a durable material. This pickleball lasts for years. Materials like nylon is comparatively less durable. That is why there is a chance to crack while playing high intensity shots.

7. Bounce Characteristics

The plastic pickleball gives the ball proper bounce to play high intensity shots. Materials like polypropylene gives more bounce to the ball. Balls use un indoor game provides less bounce compared to the outdoor game.


I hope you got that what is a pickleball made of. The plastic material use in the pickleball not only gives the durability but also provides longevity, bounce and many more. A quality pickleball allows you to play a high intense, quick pace game.

I hope from the above discussion, you have understood that a good quality of plastic material really matters while playing pickleball game.


1. What is a pickleball made up of?

Ans: A pickleball is made up of plastic materials derives from polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon.

2. Why there are holes in the surface of the pickleball?

Ans: Perforated pickleballs helps to reduce the resistance of air. This is the specialty of a pickleball.

3. What is the size of a standard pickleball?

Ans: According to the USA Pickleball Association, 2.8 inches (73 mm) is the diameter of the ball, and the weight is between 0.7 – 0.9 ounces.

4. How long does pickleball lasts?

Ans: Pickleball lasting is totally dependent on your playing style, quality of materials, etc. However, on an average a pickleball last for several months to a year.

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