Why are pickleball paddles so expensive?

When we start playing Pickleball with a set of $10 or $20, we lack something in the game while playing, instead of having good skills. And then we search for the better quality Pickleballs and came to know that the branded and quality Pickleballs are very expensive. And we become curious to know that “Why are pickleball paddles so expensive?

As a professional Pickleball player with years of experience, I wish to quench your curiosity regarding the high cost Pickleball paddles. Let’s dive deep to understand the main reasons that makes Pickleball paddles so expensive and is it worth to invest your hard earned money in expensive Pickleball paddles.

Why are pickleball paddles so expensive?

There are a lot of factors that affects and contribute in so high cost of Pickleball paddles. The main factors that makes Pickleball paddles so expensive includes high quality material used in their making process, the advanced technology used in their manufacturing and the brand reputation of the company manufacturing paddles.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail:

High quality material:

As a Pickleball player, you know it very well that this game involves fast and paced rallies, and also you need to generate more power and strength in smashes. So, it’s obvious that the material used in manufacturing your paddles plays an important role in it along with your own physical strength and stamina.

Why are pickleball paddles so expensive?

In market, Pickleball paddles are available in different materials like wood, carbon fibre, fibreglass, graphite, etc The wooden paddles used to be cheapest as wood is easily available and they merely cost around $20 to $30. But they used to have more weight and less strength. They effects your game adversely on the court, thus not worthy in your performance.

Fiberglass paddles and graphite paddles are expensive than the wooden one, but provide more strength in your performance on court and are lighter in weight as compared to the wooden paddles.

The most expensive Pickleball paddles are usually made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is an expensive material. Due to its durability, strength and light weight features, it is best suitable material for manufacturing paddles for Pickleball.

Advanced Technology:

The perfect equipment leaves a huge impact on your game and that’s why today everyone seeks for the perfect set of Pickleball paddles to improve their in-game performance. For this, companies continue to do more and more investments in research and development (R&D) projects.

A lot of money get exhausted in such R& D projects which finally elevates the relative price of Pickleball paddles. Companies are still in search of new technologies and they are continuing innovations and experiments with different procedures to make the best paddles.

The advanced technologies introduced in paddles includes their light weight, shock and vibration absorption, aerodynamic design of paddles, honeycomb design and many more. Such advanced features impacts your performance to take the game to the next level.


The branded products are always used to be expensive as the brand have built a trust factor in its consumers since years and also offers after sell services, which results in increment in the overall price of product.

There are many big names and big brands in the market of Pickleball paddles like Gamma, Gearbox, Vanguard, Onix, Joola, etc. I have used many of them and found that the expensive Pickleball paddles of these brands gives you a push in your game and gives you more confidence while playing.

Why are Pickleball paddles so expensive?
Pickleball Paddles

When you make purchase of paddles from these renowned brands, then along with the paddles they offer you the best quality, a great customer care service and a warranty period for the product.

Moreover, these brands exhaust a lot of money in marketing and sales. Also, they provide an attractive packaging which add on in the cost of the product.

Additional features:

The expensive Pickleball paddles comes with better aerodynamic design and honeycomb structure which helps you to generate more power and to pacify the intense rallies during game.

The cheaper paddles doesn’t feel good in hands and you loose your confidence. The expensive paddles feels good and have better touch experience to provide you overall comfort.

Their grips used to be fine and gives you more grip preferences and helps you to make better control over shots while smashing. So, all these things add on to the overall cost of Pickleball paddles and that’s they are so expensive.

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Is it worth to buy expensive Pickleball paddles?

Yes, it is completely worthy to spend your hard earned money in buying expensive Pickleball paddles. The features that comes with expensive Pickleball paddles fulfills the cost of your investment.

The expensive Pickleball paddles comes in price range of $250 to $300. But, this investment worth you more than this in future. Your experience while playing will give you a different pleasure of game.

Cheap vs Expensive Pickleball paddles: What should you prefer?

Depending on your budget and financial condition, you can choose between the cheap and expensive paddles. Its your personal choice. You should keep in mind that what features you want in your paddles, and then make your decision wisely.

If you are thinking to play Pickleball professionally, and want to make career in this game, then definitely you should go with the expensive paddles. Because it will helps you to make your game better and will be good for practicing for hours.

Can I find affordable Pickleball paddles that perform well?

Yes, definitely you can find affordable paddles ranging between $60 to $80 price range. These paddles are good if you play Pickleball as a hobby or just for enjoying. Such paddles are manufactured by graphite or fibreglass material which is comfortable and light weight.

These are durable as well and can sustain for years. If you can’t spend more in buying expensive paddles, then these are the best choice for you.

If you just started playing Pickleball, then also these paddles are perfect for you. Further on, if you find need, then you can definitely shifts towards the expensive Pickleball paddles.


So, I just hope you get the answer for your question “Why are Pickleball paddles so expensive?” And with my personal experience, I will suggest you to go with a better quality Pickleball paddles irrespective of the price.

If you invest in a high quality and branded product instead of a cheap product, it will be with you in game for a long term and you will never regret for your decision. It’s obvious to consider better quality, new technology and other benefits associated with the branded paddles.

So, that’s all I can say. If this article really helped you in getting the answers to your queries, I will ask you to share it with your friends and Pickleball lovers. May be, they are in search of it. Have a great day!

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