How deep is the kitchen in pickleball?

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton which is becoming popular day by day. And people are excited to know the game more deeply so that they can play the game strategically and ensure victory against their opponents. The new player’s are not familiar with the kitchen area of the pickleball as it is a unique feature that makes this game different from other similar sports. But what is the meaning of a kitchen in Pickleball? And how deep is the kitchen in pickleball?

I am a pickleball player and I have an experience of more than a decade in this game. So, I will be explaining all the rules and regulations around the kitchen in Pickleball in an easy way so that you can build your game and skills accordingly. I will be sharing tips and strategies you can apply to your game.

What is the Kitchen in Pickleball? How deep is the kitchen in pickleball?

The kitchen in pickleball is also known as Non Volley Zone (NVZ). This is a specific area which is on both sides of the net. It starts from the net and goes upto 7 feet towards the baseline. This 7 feet area starting from the net towards the baseline on both sides of the net restricts the players and ensures fair play in the game.

It restricts or stops the players to control the net area forcefully and limits the close range volleys in the game.

Whenever a player is inside this 7 feet deep zone, he has to hit the ball back into the opponent’s court after it bounced on the ground. Hitting a ball which has not yet bounced is known as volley and the kitchen area in pickleball is the Non Volley Zone. It means that the player can’t do a volley if he is stepped inside the kitchen area.

How deep is the kitchen area in pickleball?

The player has to step out of the kitchen area to hit a volley and if he doesn’t do so and hit a volley from inside the kitchen area, then it will be a fault. It is important to have a look on your position and shot selection while you are playing pickleball. That’s why most of the players play from outside the kitchen area so that they can avoid the faults.

Impact of Kitchen area in pickleball:

The 7 feet deep kitchen area on both sides of the net in pickleball has a huge impact on your performance and game. As the players can’t do volley in this kitchen area, they have to play with a strategic approach to win the game of pickleball.


You should keep in mind the kitchen area boundary while playing pickleball otherwise if you step into this kitchen area due to momentum even after hitting a volley from outside of the kitchen, it will be considered as a fault. So, control your movements in the court to avoid unnecessary faults.

How deep is the kitchen area in pickleball?

Shot selection:

When you step in the kitchen area, you can’t play volleys, otherwise it will be a fault. So instead of volleys, you have to play dinks or ground strokes.

Control on Net:

The kitchen area of 7 feet prevents you and your opponent from controlling the net, thus ensuring a fair gameplay. It allows to play long rallies and introduce strategic planning to win the game.

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Rules about Kitchen area in pickleball:

Kitchen area and rules around it are important to know. A few rules you must keep in mind while playing around the kitchen area are:

No Volley Zone:

You can’t volley inside the kitchen area in pickleball. It means you can’t hit the ball before it bounces on the ground. If you volley a ball before it bounces then it will be counted as a fault. Your opponent will get a free point.

Serving beyond the kitchen

When you serve the ball, then it must bounce beyond the Non Volley Zone or kitchen area. If it bounces inside the kitchen area, then it will also be a fault and your opponent will be gifted a point.

Foot faults

During the volley, you can’t step your foot inside the kitchen area. Even you can’t step it over the kitchen line. If you do so, then it will be considered as a fault and your opponent will get a point.

Thus, now you understand the importance of keeping yourself adhered to the rules of kitchen area, otherwise it can cost you in losing the game. Too many faults may lead in giving free points to your opponents and helping him in taking a lead.

Can you step in the kitchen after hitting the ball:

You can’t enter the kitchen area after hitting the ball in pickleball, before the ball bounces twice. During hitting the ball, if the momentum forcefully lands you in the kitchen area then also it is considered as a fault and you will be punished by giving a point to your opponent.

These rules are for the fair play of the game and it restricts the players to become aggressive around the net.


Sometimes, there used to be a very small difference in winning or losing a game in pickleball, and if you are aware of all rules of the game then you can avoid faults during the game and it acts as a bonus for you in winning the losing games. That’s why it’s important to know the kitchen area and how deep is the kitchen in pickleball?

If you are aware of the dimensions of the court and have mastered your footwork around the kitchen area then you can play your game with more confidence and control. So, if you want your friends and colleagues to also play the game with the same confidence and they should be aware of the kitchen area and its depth then share this article with them.

If any question is ringing in your mind, then you can ask us in the comments below, we will be there with the best answer. Have a great day!

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