How do you get rated in Pickleball?

Rating of players in any sports defines or categories the players according to their skill level which is helpful in making pairs in official events and games. Thus enhancing the skill growth of players by creating a competitive environment between two players of almost the same rating. Pickleball also has its own rating rules and regulations. But, the question is how do you get rated in Pickleball?

The same question arises in my mind when I used to play Pickleball as a hobby and I did a lot of research to find out my rating in pickleball. I was very excited to know my own rating and skill level so that I can improve it more. And I know you are also excited to know your rating in pickleball. So, let’s find out your rating in pickleball together.

How do you get rated in pickleball?

To assess your skills, it’s important to have information about your rating in pickleball and you can find out your pickleball rating in two different ways: one is by the method of self rating and the other one is by playing official pickleball tournaments. Let’s dive deep to know your rating in pickleball:

How do you get rated in Pickleball?

Self rating in pickleball:

The self rating is a two digit rating that you can find out by examining your skills at your own level. You can rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 6. To rate yourself, you don’t need to register yourself anywhere, you just have to assess yourself accordingly the points given below:

1.0 to 2.0 skill rating:

If you are a newcomer to pickleball, and don’t have any experience playing this game. You just know the basic rules of the game only, then you are rated between 1.0 to 2.0.

2.5 skill rating:

You are a 2.5 rated player if you have a little experience of playing pickleball. You have played only a limited number of games yet and you can only sustain a short rally of a few shots. You can even score a few points with your basic experience if you are playing with a player of your own skill level.

3.0 skill rating:

Players at this rating level can hit medium pace shots and are inconsistent in making rallies. They can’t do backhand serves and strokes. They can hit a dink on a medium pace ball. They lack direction and remain inconsistent in hitting shots.

3.5 skill rating:

They have moderate control over forehand shots and try to avoid the paced backhand shots. They are learning drop shots, and their consistency on different shots is increasing day by day.

4.0 skill rating:

The players with 4.0 rating are consistent in hitting forehand shots with more control and depth. They are able to hit moderate backhand shots also and are improving in it. They can now volley several types of shots with different pace. They have a good knowledge about the rules of the game and can coordinate with partners on the court.

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4.5 rating:

The players who have learnt the use of pace and depth in game to score against the opponent and to force the opponent to make mistakes are under this rating. They can play a variety of shots with different lengths and directions. They can effectively execute the 3rd shots now. Their footwork is excellent and only a few unforced errors happened during the game.

5.0 rating:

They have developed the skills and abilities to hit every type of shot. They are excellent in controlling spin of the ball with paddles. They have mastered forehand, backhand, 3rd shots, volleys, dink, etc. During the matches, they can now form and change their strategies by observing the opponent’s moves. They play with utmost accuracy.

5.5+ rating:

These are the players who can easily sustain in high level tournaments. They are the top level players of pickleball and they have mastered the game of pickleball. You can find consistency in their performance.

USA Pickleball Association have defined these ratings by assessment of players performance. You can find PDFs of USA Pickleball’s skill assessment sheets here.

Tournament Ratings:

You can get a rating in pickleball by playing in official tournaments organised by the USA Pickleball Association. You will get the opportunity to play with players of your own skill level.

The rating of pickleball is calculated using a special formula and it keeps on updating in an automatic software by USAPA. This rating given by USAPA is known as USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings (UTPR).

How do you get rated in Pickleball?

UTPR is a 4 digit rating. You have to be a member of USA Pickleball to get enrolled in this rating. Then as goes playing different tournaments, your rating will keep adjusting as per your performance in the game. You can register yourself on to play the official tournaments of USAPA and get rating in them.

In these official tournaments, you have to face the opponent of your own skill level, so don’t be afraid of the thought that what if someone with a high rating comes against you.


This is all about how do you get rated in Pickleball? Now, it’s your choice which rating you want. You can do your own rating with the help of USA Pickleball self assessment sheets or can also apply for playing in official tournaments to get a rating by USAPA.

To improve your rating, you need to play more and more games. Initially, your rating will fluctuate a lot, but when you will reach the upper tiers and you will master skills then your rating will remain consistent.

If you want anything else or have any question regarding rating in pickleball, then I welcome you in the comments below. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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