How much do pickleball lessons cost? 8 important factors to consider

Do you want to a professional pickleball player, then you must know how much do pickleball lessons cost? Well, the cost depends on several factors like skill level, location, duration of the lesson, equipment, instructors experience, etc. It also depends on whether you are taking lesson from a private tutor, or you want to learn group lesson. Both have their specific cost of teaching.

No doubt pickleball is getting popular day by day for its unique playing experience and fast-paced nature. This quality allows people to engage more and more in pickleball. In this article we will discuss how much do pickleball lessons cost?

Factors affecting the pickleball lesson cost

If you really want to be a professional pickleball player. then you must look after few facts before taking any lessons of pickleball.

1. Skill Level

Skill level of a pickleball player really matters while taking any sorts of pickleball lesson. A beginner will take more time as compared with an experienced player. For this reason, beginner player has to spend more money than the intermediate player. This factor differs a huge cost between a beginner and an intermediate.

2. Certification

Any organization, who provides a certificate after completing pickleball lesson will costs more. If you want to cut down the cost of lesson, then you can ask for a private tutor. Though there is no direct impact on pickleball in both cases. It is totally up to you on how much you learn from an organization or a private tutor.

3. Lesson Packages

In every pickleball lesson there might be a lesson package. it starts from $10 -$100. Now you have to decide on which package you want to take. Before picking any pickleball lesson package check details every package. If there is any difference of techniques, learnings then you must choose the higher package.

4. Duration

Pickleball lesson cost also depends on the period of time you are taking lessons. As long as you learn pickleball from private tutor, group or in clinic it will costs more.

The picture is totally opposite in the case of package lessons. A package of pickleball lesson will teach you for 6-12 months according to terms and conditions. Of you need further lesson then you have to renew the pickleball lesson package. According to my opinion hourly pickleball lesson is much better than the pickleball packages.

5. Location

location is very vital on how much do pickleball lesson cost? In the case of rural areas things are comparatively affordable. That is why the cost of pickleball lesson also cuts down.

On the other hand, in the case of urban areas rooms, equipment, are costlier compares to the rural areas. Though there is a probability of getting better equipment like paddles, balls, shoes, infrastructures, etc. But in both case pickleball lesson learning is totally dependent on you.

6. Lesson Format

While finding how much do pickleball lessons cost, I got an important factor. I must say that the lesson cost is totally depends on the lesson format you want to learn.

Single pickleball lesson costs around $30 – $100 per hour. On the other hand, group pickleball lesson cost around $10 -$30 per hour. Look obviously there is a difference in both of that case. Both of them have their own style of teaching. These are the estimates of how much do pickleball lessons cost.

how much do pickleball lessons cost

7. Equipment

The cost of pickleball lesson also depends on the equipment you are using. Equipment like paddle, ball, shoes, etc. are required to play pickleball game. There are wide range of equipment available in the market.

8. Instructor’s Experience

The cost of pickleball lesson is totally depends on the instructor’s experience. Experienced instructor will take more money in comparison with less experienced instructor. If you ask me, which one to choose? Then, I must say definitely go with an experienced instructor. These are the 8 key factors on how much do pickleball lessons cost.

How much do pickleball lessons cost

The cost of pickleball lesson will totally depends on which type of lesson you want to take. We can divide the lesson of pickleball into three types. They are –

Group Lesson

Usually there are groups of students like you in a batch who learn pickleball lesson. You have an instructor, and he will teach all of you the pickleball, this costs around $10 – $30 per hour.

Private Lesson

In this case a private instructor will provide you pickleball lesson. This costs around $30 – $100 per hour. According to the, if you are a beginner then you can choose private pickleball lesson to learn pickleball.

Pickleball Clinic

This is also a medium of learning pickleball. In this case you will get a certified pickleball instructor. Players like beginner, intermediate and advanced can join clinic to improve their skills. The cost of pickleball clinic is around $100 – $500 per day. These are the estimates of how much do pickleball lessons cost?

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Tips to find affordable pickleball clinic

Everyone likes affordable thing. It is very difficult to find affordable pickleball lesson. To solve this problem, I will share some tips with you to find affordable pickleball lesson.

Ask Around

You have to find all the pickleball coaching canters around you. Also don’t forget to ask their cost of pickleball lesson. If possible, try to negotiate the cost. This is a much better way to find affordable pickleball lesson.

Look Online

Everything in today’s age is providing their online facilities. Search in google that if there is any online pickleball lesson available or not. Actually, there are some YouTube channels that provide pickleball lesson free of cost.

One major problem of learning pickleball lesson via online is that they can only teach you the theory part. You have to practice yourself to get better in pickleball.

Will to Travel

Travelling is an important part of pickleball game. Whether you are finding an experienced instructor or playing tournaments. In both case you have to travel regularly to get things better.


I hope you have understood that how much do pickleball lessons cost. Though it depends on several factors like location, lesson format, coach’s experience but a good pickleball lesson costs around $50 per hour. Pickleball not only keeps you physically fit but also the unique playing style of pickleball gives you a different experience in comparison with other sports. So, to me everyone should learn pickleball lesson at least once in a life.

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