8 Easy Ways: How do you get ranked in Pickleball?

Do you know how do you get ranked in pickleball? Then this article is for you. This ranking is based on pickleball performance which is provided by pickleball organizations. Your performances, scores, wins, looses, impact on the game provides you better ranking in the game. You have to play regularly on tournaments, events, matches, etc. organized by different pickleball organizations.

Official Pickleball Rankings

According to USA Pickleball (USAPA) ranking system can be two types. They are-

1. Official Tournament Rating (UTPR)

Official tournament rating (UTPPR) is a system which provides scores on the basis of your game. This will keep records of you win/loss records of every game. Higher rankings players will be eligible for advance tournaments. For more details, visit the USA Pickleball Official Rulebook.

2. Self-Reported Skill Ratings

In this case you will have to evaluate yourself. All you need to put your win/loss records on the USAPA official website. Your data will be evaluated by certified members of the USAPA to get accurate ratings. This is also the way on how do you get ranked in pickleball?

How do you get ranked in Pickleball

To get ranked in pickleball you have to look after several vital points, which will help you to get better rankings in pickleball.

1. Participating Tournaments

You have to participate tournaments on a regular basis. This will increase your ratings as well helps you to get better rankings in pickleball. Never forget that every single tournament sponsored by pickleball organization will help you to get ranked.

2. Regular Competition

You have to play competitive pickleball games regularly. Competition will grow up your skills as well as make you a better player. once you play every competitive match with different opponents, will improve your ratings as well as skills.

3. Impactful performance

Always try to play impactful pickleball matches. Only impactful performances will make you a better player of pickleball than others. Impact will boost your rankings in pickleball.

4. Official Ranking System

You have to gather knowledge about the official ranking system provided by USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). According to the website, they will keep all the records of your game like win, loose, goals, impacts, etc. This will help them further to provide rankings. There are various organizations who assigns pickleball rankings. This is also a sign on how do you get ranked in pickleball?

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5. Play Local and National Levels

To get ranked in pickleball you have to play the tournaments sponsored by the pickleball organizations. So don’t stick in playing local pickleball tournaments. You have to play national level pickleball games as well as local levels. Each of the local and national level pickleball games will help to be a better player as well as better rankings.

how do you get ranked in pickleball

6. Continuous Improvement

In every game you have to improve your skills continuously. Proper FootWorks, body balance, shot selection, serves, dinking, will help you to become a good player of pickleball. Continuous improvement will help you to get better rankings.

7. Stay Informed

You always have to stay alert about the pickleball tournaments organized by the pickleball associations. Always follow the rankings and also find the steps to get better rankings.

8. Special Events

Sometimes pickleball organizations conduct special events. This special event offers bonus points, which will help your rankings better. So, stay alert about special events and participate in them.


I hope you got the answer of how do you get ranked in pickleball? As we discussed above that you have to look into several facts like tournament, improvement of game, attend special events, etc. Pickleball rankings will provide you the recognition in the sport of pickleball. So, stay updated on the official website of different pickleball organizations, who conducts pickleball matches.


1. How do you get ranked in pickleball?

Ans: You have to play matches organized by pickleball associations. From those matches your win, loose, scores, performances will be recorded.

2. How can I find my nearby pickleball tournaments?

Ans: You have to stay updated of the pickleball association websites, community pages or you can go to the pickleball club.

3. Can I rate myself in pickleball?

Ans: Some organizations allow you to rate yourself. But you have to be honest in respect of game spirit.

4. How much time it takes to update rankings?

Ans: It depends on the organization. Some organization updates monthly, quarterly, or after some major tournaments.

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