What is a Carry in Pickleball? 10 Rules You Need to Know!

Every sport must have rules of play that are made so that it can be played properly. And what is a carry in pickleball? If you want to know about the rules of playing pickleball, this article will explains some of the rules of the game of pickleball based on the guidelines made by the USA Pickleball Association and the International Pickleball Federation.

Pickleball Rules

Based on the official guide published by the “Pickleball Organization”, various pickleball rules and procedures for playing pickleball are explained. Starting with the explanation of the game system, the rules of the game and the infractions that occur during the game. Here are some important rules you should know before playing pickleball.


The scoring system in pickleball is similar to other sports such as tennis, badminton or table tennis. However, in pickleball, you can only score if you serve and your opponent does not return the ball. The scoring system for a game varies, a 15 point or 21 point system can be used to win a game.

Serving Rules

The serve must be made with the ball below the waist. The serve must cross the receiver’s baseline and the diagonal side of the court. The first serve is made from the right side of the court, and then the serve alternates between the left and right sides of the court.


Mistakes or fouls in a pickleball game can come from a number of things. Serving errors, balls out of bounds, balls not over the net, violations of the non-volley zone, or any other errors specified in the rules. Try to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

Service Bounce Role

This rule is similar to tennis. When your opponent serves, you must let the ball bounce once on the court. This is done so that the rhythm of the game is easy to control.

Serve Sequence Rules

In singles play, the serve alternates between the right and left sides of the court. The first serve is made on the right side of the court, and the second serve is made on the left side of the court. In doubles, the serve is still the same, alternating from right to left, but this time each player also takes turns serving. All serves must cross the diagonal of the court.

Non-Volley Zone Rules

There is an area within the pickleball court where players are prohibited from hitting volleys, this area is called the Non-Volley Zone. This area is 7 feet from the net, and within this area you can only hit below the hip. In the rest of the court, you can hit any shot to return the ball to your opponent’s area.

Single Play

Single play has standard rules and no special pickleball rules. Players must still serve alternately from right to left and cross the diagonal of the court. The non-volley zone also applies, players can volley in the non-volley zone if the ball has bounced at least once.

What makes single play different is the strategy used by the players. Single play requires more speed and agility as players have to cover the entire court by themselves.

Calling balls out

When the game is in progress, sometimes we don’t pay much attention to the surroundings, the fast movement of the ball when it touches the ground near the field line can confuse players and referees. This is where the Calling Balls Out rule is used, each player is required to play honestly when the ball hit by the opponent goes out or into the court.

Unofficial pickleball games usually don’t have a referee to make this call, so if there is confusion about whether the ball is in or out, you can give your opponent the advantage and get back to play.

Conduct of the Game

Pickleball, like any other sport, requires good sportsmanship. Each player must be respectful of the other players. Both on and off the court. Honest behavior throughout the game will make you a respected pickleball player.

Other ground rules

Some other pickleball rules that generally apply to any game that uses racquets include the prohibition of carrying or dragging the ball with a racquet. Double hitting is prohibited, as is intentionally aiming the ball to injure another person.

Other rules that may apply may vary from place to place. However, the basic rules set forth by the official organization remain the same.

What is The Kitchen in Pickleball?

What is a Carry in Pickleball

“The kitchen” is a term used to refer to the non-volley area of the court. This term is more popular because it is easy to say. As explained earlier, the kitchen is an area where players are prohibited from hitting volleys unless the ball has bounced at least once. The size of this area is 7 feet from the net or center of the court. This area is usually marked with a different court color to make it easier for players to play.

What is a Carry in Pickleball

Carrying in pickleball is carrying or dragging the ball with the paddle to change the direction and speed of the ball.

This is not allowed, pickleball is played by hitting the ball with a paddle, so players are not allowed to carry while playing.

You can see the difference between a ball that is hit and a ball that is carried with a paddle. The change in direction of the ball is difficult for the opponent to anticipate and is considered cheating.

In official games, carrying is considered a foul and counts as a point for the opponent.

Can You Double Hit in Picleball?

No, you cannot double hit.

As with most racquet games, the ball can only be hit once on each side of the court. This is a hard and fast pickleball rules that cannot be changed. If you double hit the ball, it counts as a foul and your opponent gets the point.


Carrying in pickleball is a foul because it makes it very difficult for your opponent. There are several pickleball rules that you need to know. How to serve, how to volley, and other rules that have been set by the pickleball organization.

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